Etsy’s Online Handmade Marketplace Grants Exciting Changes

As the people behind Etsy work hard to consistently update the site, they’ve announced some new changes that will improve the experience of buying and selling through this diverse venue. Etsy is a fantastic online resource for unique handmade goods, vintage items, and jewelry and crafting supplies. The community is comprised of buyers and sellers around the world. The Etsy marketplace serves individuals who would like to purchase unique, handmade items as well as support artists, small businesses, and creative entrepreneurs.

The Etsy team is implementing a few new features to improve the overall experience for the Etsy user, including tweaking search engine relevancy and effectiveness, differentiating a person(seller) from their brand(shop), simplifying the item listing process, and the most exciting change in my eyes: granting sellers the one-time opportunity to choose a new shop name. For sellers, this is a huge opportunity to take a look at our shops and products, and re-evaluate our entire mission.

Feedback and sales are important criteria for establishing credibility as a seller on Etsy. Like many other people, I chose a shop name on a whim and didn’t have a brand identity developed beyond the name that I chose. Now, I am being given the chance to develop a completely new brand and image on Etsy, while keeping my positive feedback and number of sales to date.

This is an exciting time for the Etsy community. I look forward to becoming a more active member of Etsy as I develop and implement ideas for a shop makeover, complete with a new shop name and feel. I’m ready to take this a step further, and I can’t wait to see what we can all come up with given this opportunity to reinvent ourselves through our online shops.


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