Creativity and Jewelry : Earring Hooks and Jump Rings

Experimentation is crucial in jewelry-making, and I’ve discovered most of what I know through trial and error. Recently I introduced some minor changes that have made a significant difference in the outcome of my work.

I began incorporating longer earring hooks and smaller jump rings to create a more elegant look for my feather and thread earrings. The long hooks add a classy, pretty element while keeping the benefits that the leverback hooks offer. The main benefit of leverback hooks is that they’ll keep all earrings secure in your ears- even the lightest pair. The long hooks provide the same benefit, as they extend further below the earlobe and stay in place.

Smaller jump rings have also improved the aesthetics of the jewelry. The smaller jump rings draw eyes away from the connective pieces, enhancing the beads and design elements. They also streamline the joints where the jump ring connects to the earring hook. The combination of the long elegant hooks and smaller jump rings have actually renewed my excitement for creating earrings. I love the way my creations look since I’ve replaced some of the standard lever back hooks and larger-gauge jump rings.

It’s the little things that make a difference in the outcome. Keep experimenting!


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