Calming Disordered Thoughts

Ever feel like your mind is in a thousand places at once?

I know I feel this way quite a bit! When I’m feeling overwhelmed and the thoughts in my head are fighting for my attention, I use the following “spell” to calm my mind and refocus. This allows me to move forward with my day more intentionally, and I feel a sense of greater purpose.

You’ll need:

  1. a quiet place
  2. a candle and matches/lighter
  3. a piece of paper
  4. a writing utensil in blue or purple
  5. an image of this rune symbol to draw:

disordered thoughts

Sit in a quiet place (I prefer to sit on a pillow on the floor), light the candle, and take a deep breath to center yourself. Draw the rune symbol (pictured above) on the piece of paper. As you’re creating the lines, speak the following (aloud or silently in your mind):

I restore serenity and order into my life.

My thoughts flow slowly, freely, and meaningfully.

I am calm, collected, and happy.

(repeat as needed)

As you repeat the mantra, continue to draw or re-trace the rune as many times as you like.

The point is to feel the calming effects, so take your time!

Once you’ve reached that calming state and your thoughts are beginning to take order, your work is done. Breathe deeply once more and blow out the candle flame. Simple as that!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple process- you can return to it anytime you need to infuse your day with serenity and simplicity.


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