Tiny House Journey

Today’s topic somewhat relates to MINIMALISM. It’s a topic I feel passionate about, and I have an inkling that I’ll be revisiting this one again and again. After all, the idea is pretty ingrained in my day-to-day life, and I think it’s incredibly fun and interesting to live by minimizing the excess.

I live in a 300-square-foot tiny house in an unsuspecting location (along a historic, “downtown” residential street, surrounded by two-story homes). Note the quotations around “downtown.” This is because we don’t even have a coffee shop and most businesses are closed by 7pm any night of the week. Anyway… Tiny House.

Living in one room may not sound like a dream come true to many, but it was for me. When I found it, it was kinda like magic manifested into a teeny dwelling that I knew needed to be mine from the moment I saw its photo on craigslist (with a “for rent” caption). Just a couple days later, I was moved in and started the Tiny House Journey (I just named it that right now, but it has a nice ring to it, so there it is). Dwelling love at first sight.

I had just moved from across the country, and I had just one car-full of belongings. If you were downsizing from a larger home, you might (will) face a lot more challenges than I did. But for me, since I didn’t have much to begin with, it’s been pretty easy and yes FUN to put a few minimalist ideas into action.

What’s the deal with this annoying word “minimalism” anyway? Well, I happen to like the word. It’s just… simple. But the essence of minimalism has been covered by many other people, so I don’t think I need to explain again (but here’s a fun FAQ that’s been-there-done-that: http://mnmlist.com/minimalist-faqs/)

I’ll just ask you something: what do you REALLY need to live comfortably?

I guarantee you it’s with A LOT LESS STUFF than you’re currently thinking.

One thing I love about living in a tiny space is that it forces you to see things differently. Each corner of the room and each foot of space is important. It challenges you to be alone with yourself. To think creatively. To weed out all the stuff that accumulates and takes up precious space in your living areas AND in your mind. I have ENOUGH thoughts soaring through my brain, I don’t need to add more from visual clutter and unmanageable belongings.

I actually foresee many of the tactics I’ve employed in this home working for me over time in any dwelling, even when I no longer live in Tiny House (at least not this one). I hope that by sharing what worked and is working for me, you might be able to find value in something I’ve discovered and tweak it to work for your unique situation.

Stay tuned…




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