Emerge on the Other Side

woman on comfy bed

Sometimes you won’t know what you want.

Sometimes all you can do is unplug, hibernate, and ride the wave.

There were times in the past where I definitely wanted to hibernate for weeks, and I did. I didn’t feel social, and all I wanted was to snuggle into my comfy clothes and write, draw, and cry. And I did this. But not without tremendous guilt of how I “should be” doing A, B, or C. It’s as if I wanted someone else to tell me “it’s okay, you can take a break”, but that advice never came. At least, not from society.

In American culture, you’re expected to produce. Constantly and consistently. We focus tons of time and energy on “productivity” and “saving time”; ironic, isn’t it? Because time is basically all we have. Our time here and now, in the present moment.

If you’re experiencing a dark time now, please, spend time in bed. Binge watch all the seasons of your favorite show. Eat apples and peanut butter and olives and chocolate. Let yourself feel, rest, cry, and go into hibernation mode in your blanket fort if that’s what’s calling you. If that’s what your body and mind wants and needs.

Give yourself permission to transform. Wrap yourself in your cocoon and go through the pain of transformation. This is your time. Don’t rush. Don’t rush your process on someone else’s clock — their definitions of time are different from yours.

The second time I went through a transformative, hibernative experience, things were different. I think it was a combination of the people who had left my life and come into my life at the time, but I was beyond grateful to give myself permission and not feel guilty about where I was. In the scheme of things, it’s what? ONE MONTH? Big. F-ing. Deal.

I fully let myself be where I was; to process, write, be simultaneously okay and so not okay. But when I came out on the other side, life was much brighter than I had remembered it.

As a lovely friend put it: “transformation hurts.”

This is YOUR unique experience! Know that this time is finite. You won’t always want to sleep in until noon, or stay in pajamas all day. But you want to now. And maybe for the next two months. There are no rules. So heed to your heart’s calling.

Take some time off of over-extending yourself and filling your schedule with obligations. Spend your mornings sleeping in and spend your afternoons writing. Get through it. Rest. Recede.

And when you’re ready — and I promise that you will be, in your own time — you’ll emerge, brighter than before, on the Other Side.




If You Got Somethin’ to Say Just Say It, Say It

Here I am in the second day of being a Louisville, Kentucky  resident for the second time. I am refreshed and ideas are flowing freely. I figure, why encrypt? Go ahead and speak my mind. Well, my mind speaks of its relief. What do I mean by this?

I just finished reading Money and the Law of Attraction, written by Jerry and Esther Hicks. Each book in their Abraham series has independently empowered me greatly over the past year and a half, and the core philosophical advice that I glean from the series can be summarized as this: Know what you want and visualize your having of it until you feel relief from resistance, then focus on feeling good while you attract this desire to you.

As I sat drinking my third cup of coffee at Quill’s on Baxter Ave and reading the book, I felt a jolt of understanding and a wave of appreciation wash over me as I envisioned my current desires and felt what it’s like to live them. I now have faith that they are on their way to me, and I am ecstatic knowing that all I have to do is continue to focus on that which feels good to maintain my happiness.

How am I doing this? How did I get here?

I knew that I needed to leave the city where I was residing. I had already read material on the law of attraction, and had seen physical evidence of the principles therein. I knew that reading up on these principles would help to shift my thinking in the right direction. I left my job and my studio apartment, knowing that I strongly desired to change my physical environment to a place that felt more like home, more like where I wanted to be. I arrived in Louisville and immediately began to explore. I’m currently observing all that I can: visiting as many local businesses as I can find, reading as much local literature as I can pick up; staying open to people and experiences; and keeping my eyes open for rich soil to plant some seeds.

The transition from one road to the next is challenging; there will be rickety bridges and obstacles along the way. Keep moving forward.  I am to follow my desires and watch the path unfold into a clearing, never to look back… except to feel the greatness of seeing how far I’ve come.

Approaching Crossroads: The Choice is Yours

I have come to a crossroads in life. I wish to continue on the Road Less Traveled and utilize this journey to the fullest extent, to achieve my dreams and desires; yet, an opportunity presents itself: to take the Easy Trail back to the mundane, and to the live the life that deep inside I know I don’t want.

Realization: the Easy Trail is much, much longer, rockier, steeper, and rougher than the Road Less Traveled, which is the winding road that leads to the manifestation of what is truly desired.

In reality, the Easy Trail leads to pain, and is not easy at all. How lovely does the Road Less Traveled appear now? I choose what feels right and move forward.