Make a Mistake in Love?

Whenever you’re unsure if you’ve made a mistake in love, look at two things:

  1. Your private Pinterest board where you pinned all the quotes that you stayed up and cried all night while reading, about your lover only being half there, and don’t you dare hold my heart hostage.
  2. The empty space where the lover would be standing, if they cared to fix it.

…Move On, Beautiful.


Tiny House Journey

Today’s topic somewhat relates to MINIMALISM. It’s a topic I feel passionate about, and I have an inkling that I’ll be revisiting this one again and again. After all, the idea is pretty ingrained in my day-to-day life, and I think it’s incredibly fun and interesting to live by minimizing the excess.

I live in a 300-square-foot tiny house in an unsuspecting location (along a historic, “downtown” residential street, surrounded by two-story homes). Note the quotations around “downtown.” This is because we don’t even have a coffee shop and most businesses are closed by 7pm any night of the week. Anyway… Tiny House.

Living in one room may not sound like a dream come true to many, but it was for me. When I found it, it was kinda like magic manifested into a teeny dwelling that I knew needed to be mine from the moment I saw its photo on craigslist (with a “for rent” caption). Just a couple days later, I was moved in and started the Tiny House Journey (I just named it that right now, but it has a nice ring to it, so there it is). Dwelling love at first sight.

I had just moved from across the country, and I had just one car-full of belongings. If you were downsizing from a larger home, you might (will) face a lot more challenges than I did. But for me, since I didn’t have much to begin with, it’s been pretty easy and yes FUN to put a few minimalist ideas into action.

What’s the deal with this annoying word “minimalism” anyway? Well, I happen to like the word. It’s just… simple. But the essence of minimalism has been covered by many other people, so I don’t think I need to explain again (but here’s a fun FAQ that’s been-there-done-that:

I’ll just ask you something: what do you REALLY need to live comfortably?

I guarantee you it’s with A LOT LESS STUFF than you’re currently thinking.

One thing I love about living in a tiny space is that it forces you to see things differently. Each corner of the room and each foot of space is important. It challenges you to be alone with yourself. To think creatively. To weed out all the stuff that accumulates and takes up precious space in your living areas AND in your mind. I have ENOUGH thoughts soaring through my brain, I don’t need to add more from visual clutter and unmanageable belongings.

I actually foresee many of the tactics I’ve employed in this home working for me over time in any dwelling, even when I no longer live in Tiny House (at least not this one). I hope that by sharing what worked and is working for me, you might be able to find value in something I’ve discovered and tweak it to work for your unique situation.

Stay tuned…



Calming Disordered Thoughts

Ever feel like your mind is in a thousand places at once?

I know I feel this way quite a bit! When I’m feeling overwhelmed and the thoughts in my head are fighting for my attention, I use the following “spell” to calm my mind and refocus. This allows me to move forward with my day more intentionally, and I feel a sense of greater purpose.

You’ll need:

  1. a quiet place
  2. a candle and matches/lighter
  3. a piece of paper
  4. a writing utensil in blue or purple
  5. an image of this rune symbol to draw:

disordered thoughts

Sit in a quiet place (I prefer to sit on a pillow on the floor), light the candle, and take a deep breath to center yourself. Draw the rune symbol (pictured above) on the piece of paper. As you’re creating the lines, speak the following (aloud or silently in your mind):

I restore serenity and order into my life.

My thoughts flow slowly, freely, and meaningfully.

I am calm, collected, and happy.

(repeat as needed)

As you repeat the mantra, continue to draw or re-trace the rune as many times as you like.

The point is to feel the calming effects, so take your time!

Once you’ve reached that calming state and your thoughts are beginning to take order, your work is done. Breathe deeply once more and blow out the candle flame. Simple as that!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple process- you can return to it anytime you need to infuse your day with serenity and simplicity.

What Should My Blog Be About?

After about a million forgone ideas for blog themes and topics, I’ve given the boot to all self-imposed pressure and have decided instead to write about the following topic on any given day:


Not necessarily because I believe I have important things to say (*wink*), but more so because if I don’t just start, I’ll be sitting here ruminating and rebounding from topic to topic in my head until I die.

So without further ado…

See Through Fear

Look fear in the face; gaze through its blank stare; see beyond.

What are we afraid of? There are so many answers that come to mind for me; fears about others’ perceptions of me and my expression, be it creative, emotional, spur-of-the-moment or well thought through, perhaps over-analyzed.

I want to stare fear down, watch it cower, turn and walk away (in fear of me).

Egos swelling inside, approaching the brain, preparing to attack.

Face to face. What would you say?

Get the fuck out of here.

I’m in charge.


Creativity and Jewelry : Earring Hooks and Jump Rings

Experimentation is crucial in jewelry-making, and I’ve discovered most of what I know through trial and error. Recently I introduced some minor changes that have made a significant difference in the outcome of my work.

I began incorporating longer earring hooks and smaller jump rings to create a more elegant look for my feather and thread earrings. The long hooks add a classy, pretty element while keeping the benefits that the leverback hooks offer. The main benefit of leverback hooks is that they’ll keep all earrings secure in your ears- even the lightest pair. The long hooks provide the same benefit, as they extend further below the earlobe and stay in place.

Smaller jump rings have also improved the aesthetics of the jewelry. The smaller jump rings draw eyes away from the connective pieces, enhancing the beads and design elements. They also streamline the joints where the jump ring connects to the earring hook. The combination of the long elegant hooks and smaller jump rings have actually renewed my excitement for creating earrings. I love the way my creations look since I’ve replaced some of the standard lever back hooks and larger-gauge jump rings.

It’s the little things that make a difference in the outcome. Keep experimenting!

Going There

Look fear in the face. Gaze through its stare. See beyond.

What are we afraid of? Many answers come up for me. Fears about others’ perceptions of me and my expression, be it creative, emotional, spur-of-the-moment or well thought through, perhaps over-analyzed. The fear of being seen and un-seen.

I want to stare fear down, watch it cower, turn and run away (in fear of me).

Egos swelling inside, approaching the brain, preparing to attack.

Face to face. What would you say?

Get the fuck out of here.

I’m in charge.